Safe Tweet Length Calculator

How long should a tweet be to allow for safe retweeting?

You've come to the right place. A calculator!

Part of the appeal of social media for businesses, is the work that your followers can do in sharing your messaging with their followers.

Twitter's 140 character limit is restrictive, and when you consider the opportunity for retweets, you need to write even more succinctly.  For every retweet, a preamble of 'RT @username:' is added, and often something in the original tweet has to give, or it doesn't get retweeted because it's too much effort for the 'retweet-er' to figure out what to cut.  This mind-numbingly simple tool will determine the maximum length your tweets should be, given your particular twitter handle, so that when your tweets are retweeted, nothing gets left behind, missed out or broken.

Enter your Twitter @username:

The preamble and your username takes up 0 character(s) of the total retweet length.

Your overall tweet length should therefore be no more than
character(s) to allow for safe, un-truncated retweeting.

If your Twitter client shows characters remaining (rather than characters used), you should make sure you should leave no fewer than
character(s), so nothing is chopped off!

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