I can do a bunch of things.  Try me.  I'm flexible, have a can do, friendly attitude and approach and can assist you with many of the technical challenges faced by businesses and individuals alike in the online and offline worlds.

Some of the things I do

  • Build websites that work well on computers as well as smartphones and tablets
  • Help you understand how your tech works and show you how to make best use of it
  • Get you started on social media
  • Help your office move toward a paperless environment
  • Get you branded email ie.
  • Empower you to take control of your online presence
  • Help you leverage your ICT investment in clever ways
  • Perform audits and then analysis of your current communications services and then recommend ways to cut back and save
  • Work with you to remove some of your IT worry
  • Turn time consuming manual tasks into automatic processes
  • Help you document your business - procedures guides and critical documentation
  • Advise you on new IT investments
  • Advise on how you and your team can leverage cloud services
  • Recommend clever ways of re-using your marketing budget online for more targeted prospects
  • Help you measure the performance of your marketing process