Here are a bunch of cloud-based and other services we use, like and recommend at LeftFoot.

Physical products

Most things made by Apple - The preferred choice for so many small businesses, home users and entrepreneurs given the reliability, easy of use and quality.  Using the sharing services that Apple's iCloud affords, allows seamless syncing and access to your personal and business documents across all of your Apple devices.  Once you go Apple, you don't go back.  The learning curve (coming from Windows) is best described as different, not difficult.

Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners - If you're serious about going paperless, there's really only one option for scanning - anything in the Fujitsu Scansnap range.  The accompanying software - ScanSnap Manager is fantastic too with lots of configurable templates that'll get your scanned documents filed in the right places and scanned the way you want and in the correct formats etc. I have an older S1500M, but the wifi-enabled ix500 is my pick of the bunch at the moment.  They're not cheap, but what you spend on them will save you in other ways over time.  They're a joy to use.

Online services

Dropbox - A must-have tool for business people and individuals alike.  A cornerstone foundation for your online file-sharing and syncing strategy.

Freshbooks - A no-brainer for invoicing.  Free plans which allow a maximum of 3 clients are ideal for startups.  Upgrade as you grow.

Hootsuite - For ALL of your social media management needs.  We sing the praises of Hootsuite throughout the blog and are pleased to connect with Hootsuite both as Hootsuite Ambassadors and as one of Canberra's only Hootsuite Certified Partners.

GetResponse - For all your mailing list and landing page needs.

Acuity Scheduling - If you've been looking for an online scheduling tool, where your clients can schedule appointments with you automatically, you can stop looking.  This is it.