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WANTED: PAKMAN Parcel Mailbox

Last seen: Bunnings Warehouse.

I'm really trying to track one of these down.  I need and want one.

If you happen to know of any, anywhere, PLEASE let me know.  PAKMAN no longer manufacture and distribute these parcel mailboxes, which is a travesty.

I've contacted Mayo Hardware (parent company of PAKMAN, I think?), but no joy.  Since then I've also been in touch with a half dozen Bunnings stores close to home and further afield.  I even contacted Bunnings' head office and had someone looking for clearance stock across stores around their country.  No dice.  There are a few bits and pieces of PAKMAN gear around the place. For instance, I've found some of the mailbox tops and the frames that allow you to bolt/build a PAKMAN into the wall, but it's the main tall, parcel mailbox I seek.

Let me know if you come across anything?  It's a long shot, I know.  TIA.