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Time for warmer climes

I've got a week or so to myself coming up and it's getting pretty chilly here in Canberra and so the combination of the two point strongly at a holiday to some warmer destination.

This time last year (almost to the day) I disappeared to Thailand for 10 days and am going to head the same way this time too. I'm hoping to leave next Friday - yes, 8 days from now - and so have a few things to sort out pronto. Fingers crossed the weather is good this time too.

So, it'll be Phuket for 9 or so days staying mostly in Patong but with maybe a couple of nights on Phi Phi Island for a real escape.

I'm really looking forward to a getaway and plan to do some writing and hopefully developing some business ideas in amongst the snorkelling, swimming, relaxing, eating and scootering.

I'm envious of those with lifestyle businesses travelling the world and working from the beach. So in the absence of that I can at least enjoy the feel of a lifestyle business for a week or so.

Watch this space for a postcard!