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TextExpander dumb tip: Does this look red to you?

Expand your brand's colours into their respective hex codes

Another super simple one for today - it'll take you 20 seconds. Maybe less.

Use TextExpander to recall the exact colours you use in your logo, stationery and branding.

I've got a couple of snippets :

leftfootred expands to #da251d - the red in my logo
leftfootblue expands to #007cc3 - the blue in my logo

Now. If I'm setting up something online and need the colours to match, or I need to communicate this kind of thing to a designer or someone, I don't need to go digging.  I just position my cursor where my colour code should be entered, type my shortcut/description and's there.

What other blindingly simple TextExpander tricks do you have in your arsenal?