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Let Skype be Skype: Removing your Facebook contacts from Skype

As many will attest, the interface for Skype has worsened over the years - thanks in part to Microsoft's influence, and it has lost a lot of the simplicity that once was.

A big issue for me was when I regrettably linked my Skype account with Facebook and ended up with this enormous mixed up list of contacts from both worlds.  Skype would unnecessarily chirp up, as would all of the other devices I have in range, when Facebook friends would message me, and it just seemed out of place.  While it is possible to select from the options across the top to show All, Online, Facebook and just Skype contacts, it would invariably default to a view that wasn't what I was after, and it didn't eliminate the duplicated interruptions.

Enough was enough.  I just wanted Skype to be Skype.  So, today I ditched the Facebook contacts and have uncomplicated Skype - at least the Contacts view.

How do I remove Facebook contacts from Skype?

I expected this to be readily apparent. It should be, right?  A simple toggle switch somewhere in the Skype Mac client preferences?

Nope.  Nothing to be found anywhere in the Mac preferences.  Search Skype's built-in Help? Nada.

Googling finds lots of frustrated users looking for solutions to the same problem, and so here's how you do it.  It's far from difficult, you just need to know where to look.

Note: These instructions are superficially for a Mac, as that's what I use, but the pointers here will help those on Windows too.

The steps

1. From the File menu in Skype, choose My Account - this takes you to the Skype website.

For me, this process ALSO logged me in in to my Skype account, but you may be prompted for your Skype username and password.  Enter your credentials to log in.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the profile screen and under Account Details > Settings and Preferences, choose Account Settings


3. From the Account Settings page, you'll see the following, showing that your Facebook account is linked to Skype.  Click Unlink to stop that.

4. You'll get a warning about what you're about to do.  Agree and you'll get a confirmation that the Facebook account has been unlinked.

5. Quit and restart your Skype client and when it starts back up, your Facebook friends (within Skype at least) are no more.