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Yesterdate - TextExpander snippet tip for inserting yesterday's date

This one needs little intro aside from the fact that I'm calculating and manually typing yesterday's date far too often.  Here's a simple and handy tip to insert yesterday's date using TextExpander. Make a new snippet, give it an abbreviation of 'yesterdate' and include the following for the snippet.

%@-1D%e %B %Y

This seems like a super-obvious tip (and it absolutely is), but I've only instituted it today and it would have been very handy for me over the last few YEARS. Hope it helps someone else.


As a lightweight bonus (and an even more obvious tip) use the abbreviation 'todate' to  insert today's date. (Replacing 'day' for 'date' in each of the abbreviations works for me...and remembering what I've named my snippets is one of my biggest struggles!). Anyhow, the snippet code for today's date, is just:

%e %B %Y

TextExpander helps remember key dates

If you're like me, you're constantly having to regurgitate dates when completing government forms and applications for this and that. Birthdays, I mostly have squared away, but miscellaneous dates, such as the date I arrived in Australia or when I became an Aussie, or the date of my divorce(!) are needed with increasing regularity. Most of these dates are difficult to conjure up and mostly end up as a rough guess which has caused me problems from time to time.

Smile's TextExpander helps me remember these by using some super simple snippets.

For me, I use 'd' (for date, duh!) followed by a keyword that represents the event I'm needing to store and recall.

  • dcitizenship for the date of my citizenship ceremony
  • ddivorce for my divorce date
  • darrival for my arrival in Australia
  • get the gist.

I've even got a few to remind me of dates for insurance policies, car registration, and birthdates (as opposed to birthDAYS) for the kids. The latter is easy enough to work out, but the snippet saves a few cycles. ;)

Of course, these aren't guaranteed to work everywhere - date pickers on web forms most often handle pasted date formats very poorly - BUT at least you can conjure up the key date quickly somewhere and enter it manually if necessary.

Not a complex snippet, and completely obvious, but a very handy one that's super-simple to set up. Hope it helps.