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1,000 fans looking for a fun thing over 30,000 feet below


It's when you board an airplane and take a flight that you really comprehend the size of the world we live in, and the potential market of customers we can serve and sell to.  Even a short flight covering just a few hundred kilometres over a populated part of the country gives a view of thousands and thousands of homes and vehicles, schools and businesses - all potential customers for your product or service.

It's having this perspective that inspires you to get out of the broad subject matter areas for business ideas and "niche" (I say 'neesh' correctly, not 'nitch' - a pet peeve of mine!) down to something a lot more specific, miles less mainstream and 100x more laser-focused. Embrace the true 'long-tail'.

Chainmail for Guinea Pigs - As sold on eBay

Chainmail for Guinea Pigs - As sold on eBay

It's too easy to think the the customer for your product or service is 'everyone' or that you should aim your product at all shapes and sizes of people. In the Internet-age, there's a market for literally anything - no matter how obscure. Macramé is oft used as an example of an obscure product sector when joking in the Internet marketing world, but I'd argue that that's almost as mainstream as they come.  Even chain mail for guinea pigs has a market and a following - see the attached image. Truly. Think differently and a long way out of the box when it comes to the market you want to serve.

Over the years, I've been guilty of thinking way too broadly and trying to develop business ideas that appeal to far too broad an audience. I still am guilty of that, I think, but from way up here, the world looks like a very different place and it becomes increasingly clear that an idea really does only need to appeal to 1,000 true fans, holed up in those little houses and offices far below, for it to be a potential success.

Another idea people regrettably keep falling back on is that a business, product or service should be **serious** for it to be incoming producing. How much fun would/will it be to have a business that offers a fun product or service that others get a buzz out of? It'd be a great deal of fun - of that, I'm certain.

So, from 9km up, the perspective is wide and there's a literal world of opportunities waiting to be tapped - and that's exciting. Lots of brainstorming to come on this trip - starting with the most obscure and fun ideas I can conjure up.