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Chasing Ice - Almost a sequel to An Inconvenient Truth

I stumbled upon this last night while looking for something to kill an hour or so.  

Chasing Ice - IMDB

Chasing Ice - IMDB

I really enjoyed An Inconvenient Truth and while Chasing Ice is strictly about glaciers and how they're diminishing so very rapidly, there are many similarities between the two documentaries.  This documentary follows James Balog and his team's efforts to capture the recession of around 30 glaciers across Alaska, Greenland and Iceland using time-lapse photography over a period of several years.  

Watch this one if you like nature docos, or are interested in the effects of global warming...or just want to see some AMAZING photography and videography. 

One of the most spectacular scenes was when they were filming the Ilulissat Glacier in Greenland (believed to be the glacier that spawned the iceberg that sank the Titanic) and witnessed the largest 'calving' event (glacier breaking up to form icebergs) ever recorded on film.  

Here's a clip of that scene below.  What you need to appreciate here is the magnificent scale. Over a period of 75 minutes, the team witnessed an ice mass approximating the size of Manhattan with some parts of the glacier as tall as the Empire State building(!) sheering off and rolling into the sea.

You can find it on iTunes and Netflix and no doubt countless other places. Sure to be amazing on Blu Ray.