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Brooks Law - Lines of Communication calculator - SIRI Shortcut

I’ve always loved the power of this visual from Lighthouse, representing Brooks Law and the number of lines of communication that exist in a team of a given size. It really demonstrates the mounting challenge of keeping people on track and in sync as team size grows:

Image Source:  Lighthouse

Image Source: Lighthouse

Large team size presents significant overhead in terms of comms between the members of the team. The Scrum Guide has standardised on 6 +/- 3 as the best team size - so, between 3 and 9 people, PLUS the Scrum Master and Product Owner.

I can never remember the formula to calculate the number of relationships, despite it being quite simple - n*(n-1)/2 - so I put together this super-simple SIRI shortcut to help me out.

So…when you need to put the case forward for smaller team sizes this handy Siri shortcut can quickly prove a point. Simply enter the number of development team members and it spits out the number of lines of communication between the team members. Enjoy!

Click  here  to download the Brooks Law/Lines of Communication ‘calculator’ shortcut to your iOS device…

Click here to download the Brooks Law/Lines of Communication ‘calculator’ shortcut to your iOS device…

Help your followers help you - Tweet Length Calculator

We've put together a silly-simple Tweet Length Calculator, which employs sophisticated, 3rd grade maths to help you optimise the length of your tweets, thereby allowing retweets without compromising the integrity of the original message.

As we are all too aware, Twitter gives us exactly 140 characters to play with and while we all have moments of joy when we execute a Twoosh, or a Bingo - tweets that are EXACTLY 140 characters - we need to be a bit more conservative on our tweet length if we want our tweets to be retweeted without compromise.

When followers retweet with attribution, their Twitter client adds a preamble to your original message, adding as many as 20 characters to the front, depending on the length of your Twitter username.

Our calculator works out the maximum length your tweets should be in order to still allow for that preamble.

Visit the Tweet Length Calculator now and scribble down its output on a Post-It note.  Keep the magic numbers handy and have them in mind as you craft your most important retweet-worthy posts.