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Paperless - Step 1 - Buy this book!

Paperless - by David Sparks (@Macsparky)

Paperless - by David Sparks (@Macsparky)

Just a quick one.  If you've got an iPad and are keen to start ridding your life of excess paper and clutter, then you need this book - Paperless by David Sparks (aka @Macsparky) .  It's full of practical tips in an easy to understand way and will quickly get you started down the right path.

Given David is a mad Mac proponent, the tips and advice skew Mac but there's still  loads of useful info for you (poor) Windows users too. Also, if you've not used Apple's iBooks* yet, Paperless is a shining example of what can be achieved using this new format. Grab yourself a copy today.

 * Paperless is also available in other non-iBooks flavours.