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The "Rats Nest" - Auditing your communications services

How much are you paying for your Internet connection? What is it?  How fast is it? Is it fast enough?  Are you on the best plan for your money?

Hand on heart, can you say exactly which fixed telephone services you have, why you have them, where they are located, how much you're paying for them and whether you're getting the best deal?

Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane at

Image courtesy of Grant Cochrane at

Mobiles - Are your staff on the best plans for voice and data?  Do you regularly look at alternatives? Phones on contract can make a lot of sense, but is it REALLY the best deal for your circumstances?

If you're unable to answer these questions, you might be throwing away money hand over fist.

A small business typically has a handful of fixed line services many can be from legacy modems and faxes etc and each service might be costing around $400 a year.

Often the 'comms cupboard' will be a rats nest of cables of all colours all heading every which way and with little rhyme or reason. 

An audit of your internal telecommunications and other infrastructure, as well preparation of basic documentation (including network mudmaps), will help simplify your administration, give you more confidence in the services you have and how they connect together. It'll also likely help your company's bottom line.

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