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The potential of iBeacons is enormous and it has me excited

Excited and inspired


Over the last few weeks, and with the mainstream introduction of iOS7 (I've had it a few months), I've spent a lot of time looking into Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy and the potential of this powerful new technology.  It's encouraged me to step up my game on the iOS front and so I've begun a journey into developing apps for  iOS that make use of BLE.

The breadth of uses for IBeacons and BLE is enormous and it's really got me thinking, and in pretty short order I've come up with a long list of applications I'd like to develop and explore.  While I'm not going to give away my secrets here just yet(!), I hope to publish my first foray in a few weeks.  It's not going to be the next Angry Birds, just a practical and fun demonstration of the technology which I think some people will enjoy.  We'll see.

Getting me some hardware to play with

I've got some Estimote beacons ordered as well as a bunch of Tiles.  I'm tempted by StickNFind too and will probably grab a couple of those, along with some more beacons by Adomaly.  In a few weeks I hope to have a bunch of BLE devices that'll allow me to test out some of my ideas.

BLE and iBeacons will open new doors...literally

Well, there's one idea, but that'll require a tad more than an app, but I think that existing devices augmented with BLE along with their corresponding apps will allow a new way of controlling the world around us.

It's all very exciting and I can't wait to see what new innovations come of this.