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My 2015 BMW F 800 GS Adventure...

My latest purchase, and now passion(!) is a new (to me) 2015 BMW F 800 GS Adventure in glorious Kalamata Olive.

Inspired by the myriad motorcycling camping/adventure videos on YouTube and with some encouragement from my good friend, I spent a few months sussing out whether one was right for me, and then sussing out WHICH one was right for me.  My previous bikes had been road-focused and I was excited by the option of having something more versatile that would be comfortable both on/offroad.

I was looking for a used bike with low km, and something as new as possible.  I found a few good deals around the place - none in Canberra though - and went to Sydney on a visit to look at some bikes at dealers and private sales.  The dealer models were good, but costly, and the one bike I REALLY wanted to see I was unable to coordinate a visit with the owner.  That was until we were over an hour out of town on our way home to Canberra.  It was too late to turn back and check it out.

In hindsight, that was fortuitous, since the following Friday a seemingly perfect bike appeared on Bikesales in Wollongong. A fantastic price for a 2015 F 800 GS Adventure (GSA) with a bunch of (the right) extras thrown in and...only 3,267km on the clock!

A call the next day and a $500 deposit secured the bike - taking it off the market - and then a trip to Wollongong was planned for the Monday.

The bike is/was in excellent condition - I could not find a single scratch on it.  The worst I could find was a few dusty water spots which wiped clean, and some stickers on the top box.

In addition to all of the extras the GSA affords over the standard GS, the bike's previous owner had outfitted the bike with a bunch of awesome accessories:

...and here she is:

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 8.38.44 pm.png

In terms of what I have added to the bike, not much (not much is needed really), but a few things small things have made the cut:

Upgrades a little down the line will include knobby tyres, maybe a windscreen extension (the bike is ridiculously noisey from the wind), and some new gear to wear and get me through winter without hypothermia. ;)

The bike is FANTASTIC fun.  I've more than doubled the kms on the bike with several weekend camping trips to Jervis Bay and Nowra, Lakes Entrance in Victoria via the Snowy Mountains in both directions, and most recent a visit to Bathurst and the Blue Mountains.

Keep an eye out for more posts about the bike...and especially some videos.  I cut together a brief one on my tour of Mount Panorama in Bathurst, NSW here - It's a start... ;)