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Farewell, Mungi…HELLO, Aussie Broadband!

Somewhat unexpectedly, my NBN FTTN provider, Mungi (or rather, their Administrators) shot all customers an email on Wednesday evening around 5:30pm explaining that the company had gone into receivership and that my NBN service would soon be terminated. Less than an hour later (while out at my daughter’s Oztag game) we were disconnected.

This put the house into a bit of a funk that evening, with the nearly-and-teenage kids upset as if the house was being starved of oxygen - desperately but unsuccessfully seeking satisfaction from non-online activities. The evening felt like it dragged on for days.

During this time, and as part of the advice from the Administrators, was a suggestion to seek broadband services from another of Australia’s most popular NBN providers, Aussie Broadband. So we lodged an application.


I had been meaning to cut over to AussieBB ever since Mungi deleted their 100/40 plans a few months back, reducing our (very capable for FTTN) connection to a mere 50/20. When NBN first became available in my area, I initially applied for service from AussieBB only to find they were upgrading some equipment meaning a delay of a few weeks. As we were feeling the sharp pain of a modest ADSL connection, we chose Mungi as they could connect us much more quickly, and were very happy with the service - until they folded and cut us off.

On Wednesday evening we promptly made an application with AussieBB - electing for the 100/40 service. We live a literal stones through from our closest node so we get good speeds, and Aussie were offering us a discounted service ($20 off) for the first six months as previous Mungi customers.

Shortly after applying - 10-15 minutes - we began receiving welcome texts and emails and other advice about our pending service connection. Fortunately, with FTTN connections (and potentially other types of NBN service...) migration from one provider to another is quick and painless. Our last email (by about 7:30pm) explained we should await an SMS and email confirming the cutover of our service. We heard nothing further that evening and so each had an earlier night.

AussieBB uses a different method of authentication relative to any other broadband provider I have ever used, in that there are NO account details - no username or password - to be added into the router. Authentication happens based on the physical line itself. This makes router/modem reconfiguration super simple - just delete the old credentials for Mungi and adjust the WAN authentication settings to Dynamic or Automatic IP.

By 5am the next day, I received an invoice. I logged on to the AussieBB dashboard and could see an active service. We hadn’t received the confirmation email or text, but according to AussieBB reps on this super-helpful Whirlpool thread, if we had received an invoice our service was active. I jumped into my ASUS router and changed the config as above and 2 minutes later we were up and running. Once again there were smiles restored across the household…

All in all, I’m incredibly impressed so far with AussieBB. I’m especially impressed with their responsiveness to a no doubt enormous influx of customers, all desperately flailing with a promptly disconnected service. I should also reiterate that ALL work from go to whoa was completed in less than 10 hours overnight and entirely outside of normal business hours. You don’t get that often from anyone.

Speed-wise, we’re also thrilled. For our 100/40 connection we get excellent speeds. Not only is the service fast, but it feels snappier (lower latency) and more responsive than before, too. I just received another email from Aussie explaining they’ve done some line tests showing the service is actually capable of 113Mbps, but I think we’re content with this: :)

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 9.41.41 am.png

So. Do I recommend, Aussie Broadband? Hell, yeah! If you’re looking for excellent customer service, speed, no contract lock-in (assuming BYO modem) and all from an Australian company, look no further. HIGHLY recommended.

PS. Oh… and if you’re interested in a $50 discount follow this link - we’ll both get a credit. Cheers!