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Horizontal scrolling gesture issues with Hootsuite in Chrome on a MacBook Pro

A very specific problem, with a dead simple fix.

I've been having a problem when using Hootsuite on my MacBook Pro, that I couldn't scroll horizontally across my streams using the two finger swipe gesture on the trackpad when using Chrome.

TL;DR - Clear your cache.

This has been plaguing me for a little while.  Chrome is my browser of choice and the problem was only occurring with the built-in trackpad.  Safari worked fine and everything worked fine even on Chrome when swiping left/right using an Apple Magic Mouse - which I normally do.

This morning, I worked out that I *could* get the horizontal scrolling to work IF I attempted scrolling when the mouse pointer was positioned over a blank space in a stream, rather than a post.  For some of my more sparsely populated tabs, this was kind of helpful, but not in the busier tabs and streams.

The fix

With advice from @Hootsuite_help (and I should have tried this as a first step anyway), I tried logging in to Hootsuite using an Incognito window in Chrome, which worked as a test. This clean browser window ruled out a lot of things and suggested a session issue. Clearing my browser cache, and logging back into a regular browser window restored full two-finger swipe gesture functionality.  Hoorah!

A short post, but I struggled to find anyone else who'd had this problem.  I hope it helps others. 

Help your followers help you - Tweet Length Calculator

We've put together a silly-simple Tweet Length Calculator, which employs sophisticated, 3rd grade maths to help you optimise the length of your tweets, thereby allowing retweets without compromising the integrity of the original message.

As we are all too aware, Twitter gives us exactly 140 characters to play with and while we all have moments of joy when we execute a Twoosh, or a Bingo - tweets that are EXACTLY 140 characters - we need to be a bit more conservative on our tweet length if we want our tweets to be retweeted without compromise.

When followers retweet with attribution, their Twitter client adds a preamble to your original message, adding as many as 20 characters to the front, depending on the length of your Twitter username.

Our calculator works out the maximum length your tweets should be in order to still allow for that preamble.

Visit the Tweet Length Calculator now and scribble down its output on a Post-It note.  Keep the magic numbers handy and have them in mind as you craft your most important retweet-worthy posts.

LeftFoot is now a Hootsuite Solution Partner

LeftFoot Consulting is proud to announce that we are now a Hootsuite Solution Partner.

Hootsuite is a social media management system for businesses and organisations to collaboratively execute campaigns across multiple social networks from one secure, web-based dashboard. Key social network integrations include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, plus a suite of social content apps for YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, Yammer, Tumblr and more.

In 2014 Hootsuite surpassed 10 million users, including 744 of the Fortune 1000 companies. Along with Hootsuite’s web platform, 50% of users access the dashboard through their mobiles including iPhone, Android, and iPad. Hootsuite also offers localised versions of their dashboard in 15 languages - English, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified, Dutch, Polish, Korean, Russian, and Indonesian.

There are many benefits to Hootsuite Pro

Engage: Optimise your audience engagement by creating search streams, scheduling messages and monitoring all of your social network profiles from one customisable web and mobile dashboard.

Collaborate: Invite clients and colleagues to participate in your social media management. Assign messages for follow up and share streams, helping you increase efficiency.

Analyse: Measure your efforts using over 40 social analytics modules to build and share custom reports. Or select from one of our pre-made templates for quick and easy reporting.

Secure: Share access with team members without compromising security. The team permission levels and advanced sharing options ensure you remain in control of your valuable social profiles and accounts.

Sign up for a 30-day free trial of Hootsuite Pro today!

Hootsuite - Social Media Management

I'm in Australia. Why is Facebook Graph Search not working?

Are you in Australia (or at least outside of the US) and struggling to get the Facebook Graph Search to work?   It turns out we don't speak the right language...

For those that are unfamiliar, Facebook Graph Search is an incredibly powerful search capability that allows you to perform complex searches tapping into the enormous wealth of info that Facebook knows about us all.

While Graph was recently crippled (removing some of it's more advanced features) it's still a tool that social media marketers, businesses and individuals should be aware of.

Here's what Wikipedia has to say about Graph:

Facebook Graph Search was a semantic search engine that was introduced by Facebook in March 2013. It was designed to give answers to user natural language queries rather than a list of links.[1] The Graph Search feature combined the big data acquired from its over one billion users and external data into a search engine providing user-specific search results. In a presentation headed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, it was announced that the Graph Search algorithm finds information from within a user’s network of friends.

Why don't we see Facebook Graph Search in Australia?

In Australia, we have (by default) a very limited search facility - yes, the simple search field at the top right of Facebook - it's great for finding pages and people, but that's about it.  Graph Search allows much finer grain searching. 

We DON'T have access to the full Graph Search, BUT it's a simple switch to turn it on, and it's perhaps not what you might expect you need to do.

Facebook Graph Search relies on a particular taxonomy and vocabulary and as a result, you need to be 'speaking' English (US) to it. In Australia, our language settings default to English (UK) and that's not what we want.

How can I tell if Facebook Graph Search is switched on?

Take a look at the Search bar of Facebook when logged in on a desktop browser.  If you see this:

You have Facebook Graph Search enabled, but if you see this: don't, but here's how to easily fix it:

How to enable Facebook Graph Search in Australia

1. While logged in, click the small disclosure triangle in the top right of any Facebook page.

2. Choose Settings from the dropdown menu that appears:


3. You'll see the following screen.  Click the Edit button alongside Language and choose English (US) from the dropdown that appears.

4. Your Settings will then update to reflect your changes:

Note: Changing the Language preference ALSO changes the Temperature preference at the same time. I switch that straight back to Celsius despite having no recollection of EVER having seen temperatures used anywhere across Facebook...!

5. And you're done.  You should now see your Facebook Search bar looking like this:

As a quick test, do a search for the following to find all businesses/pages that are based in your area:

Pages in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Note: For your location, be sure to spell out your town/city AND state or territory else you'll get mixed results.

Here I've done that search and the selected the Pages tab at the top of the results:


So what ELSE it can it do?

Lots. And far more than we can cover here, but as a teaser, try these few examples for starters:

My friends that like <insert business/page name>

or :

Friends of my friends that like <insert business/page name>

or even :

Pages liked by people that like <insert business/page name>

or how about :

Restaurants that my friends like

Can you now feel the potential power that this thing wields?

Wrap up (or TL;DR)

So, if you're outside of the USA and your Facebook Graph Search isn't showing up or simply speak non-US English, just switch to English (US) and have a play. It's a minor discomfort using English (US), but the enhanced search is more than worth it.   Once enabled in your Facebook Settings, it also becomes available through Facebook on your iOS (and likely Android) devices.

What do you think?  Leave a comment about how YOU plan to use Facebook Graph Search in your business below.