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Interesting times ahead

Times they are a changing...or so the song goes, and it's definitely true. The computing paradigm is shifting and you want to be on the right track as soon as you can. It's an exciting time for a new business starting out. You're excited about your idea, itching to get your product to market, getting everything set up and ready etc.

It can be and is a costly time too.  All the money is heading out and not in..yet. And, let's face it, you've got your fingers crossed tightly that this is actually gonna work.

So.  If you can save some money during the startup phase, that's a good thing, right?  Right!?

Traditionally, businesses have held most of their IT in-house.  Much of which comes with a significant capital outlay, as well as sizeable budgets required for ICT support staff to maintain servers and manage the network.

The new model is to embrace cloud services.  SaaS (Software as a Service) apps are web-based and usually paid by monthly or annual subscription.  This makes it ideal for a new business wanting to save money, but still have best of breed tools available to the them from the outset.

Common SaaS apps include:

  • Basecamp - Project management for small teams.  Basecamp (by 37 Signals) was one of the first SaaS cabs off the rank are are widely heralded as the pioneers of the web-based software industry.
  • Google Docs - Google's online answer to Microsoft Office - includes Google Drive which allows offline syncing of your docs with
  • Google Apps - Google's productivity suite of apps for small to enterprise size organisations.  Includes powerful 'branded' Gmail, calendaring, branded Google Docs and much more.
  • DropBox - Document sharing and syncing.  A must for anybody who needs to share stuff with others, but especially if you have more that one computer or device.  DropBox will change your life.
  • ...and more

Using tools like these can provide your business with an agile software platform that's platform agnostic and will allow your staff to work from home and more.

Boots are strapped and the LeftFoot is forward goes nothing. Having worked in a bunch of organisations with complex, heavy-duty IT systems, we've long thought of simpler times.  Expensive servers, complicated networks, costly systems, engineering and IT support staff, and expensive software licencing have been a headache for many years.  It's time for a fresh start - for simpler times and for smarter solutions.


That's where LeftFoot fit's in.  We're a new company determined to help small businesses start off on the right correct foot - the left one.  The right foot is the traditional way.  We lead with the left and take a different approach to the traditional way of looking at business ICT systems, and you reap the benefits.

We're all about cloud. About being paperless.  About using software as a service. About outsourcing.  And about setting up your business systems in a smarter, simpler and more cost effective way.  Follow along with our story and get in touch if you'd like us to show you how to lead with your left too.