An assortment of thoughts.  Mostly tech related.

Boots are strapped and the LeftFoot is forward goes nothing. Having worked in a bunch of organisations with complex, heavy-duty IT systems, we've long thought of simpler times.  Expensive servers, complicated networks, costly systems, engineering and IT support staff, and expensive software licencing have been a headache for many years.  It's time for a fresh start - for simpler times and for smarter solutions.


That's where LeftFoot fit's in.  We're a new company determined to help small businesses start off on the right correct foot - the left one.  The right foot is the traditional way.  We lead with the left and take a different approach to the traditional way of looking at business ICT systems, and you reap the benefits.

We're all about cloud. About being paperless.  About using software as a service. About outsourcing.  And about setting up your business systems in a smarter, simpler and more cost effective way.  Follow along with our story and get in touch if you'd like us to show you how to lead with your left too.