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Being disconnected - bring on the 'Internet in the Sky'

Long plane flights usually bring with them a catch up on some recent release movies and time normally passes at a decent pace with a few back to back features interspersed with a meal or two and refreshments.

Not up here, right now, on Jetstar - Qantas' budget carrier. I've got about an hour before I arrive in Phuket, and it's been a LONG flight. Jetstar is more akin to many of the no frills US airlines, where a packet of pretzels or trail mix is your meal and everything else comes at a premium add-on cost. I chose to fly with them since they had the best connections, and compared to the other options, they were the cheapest too. I 'upgraded' to earn QANTAS frequent flyer points, and to have meals provided, but I balked at paying $18 to hire an iPad full of movies for the flight. I have an iPad after all, I can copy movies to that - except that I didn't.

Never fear, I thought. It'll be a great opportunity to catch up on some work and prepare a few emails, write a few other things and do some thinking - I thought. That has been good, to a point, but has fallen well short - by being cut off for the last 8 and a half hours, it becomes readily apparent how much I rely on the Internet for almost everything I do. It's like trying to make a cake with no eggs or driving a car with a wheel missing. It's hard, and I long for the day when we can remain fully connected while in the air to remain complete.

Several US domestic carriers already offer Internet in the air, albeit a fairly slow and costly service from what I hear and read. It's nice to have that option though. It's hard not knowing what's been going on, being unable to check and send email and for me, well, I miss my Google-assisted-memory.

We land soon and then I'll be able to hunt down a prepaid data SIM or jump on the wifi at the hotel and get myself all caught up. I *suppose* it's not completely a bad thing being cut off from the outside world a little and to just take the forced break to detox a little and do things you don't ordinarily do. After abandoning the work idea, I cracked open the Kindle and 'read' a third of Dan Brown's new book Inferno. The first novel I've read in I don't know how long - it's been good, but the flight has been VERY long as a result.

I've missed the web and I should have brought some movies to watch. I've learned what I need to do when flying budget airlines and will need to adjust my strategy on the way home back to Sydney, when I fly Scoot (Yes - it's really called that) - Singapore Airlines' budget carrier.