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Apple Watch - Easier access to 'Control Centre' features, please!

A simple request for the next version of the Apple Watch OS.

Much like we have 'Control Centre' available on iOS devices, we need easier access to the 'Control Centre' functions of the Apple Watch - ready access to the Mute, Airplane Mode, Do Not Disturb and 'Ping my iPhone' features.

These features are currently available within a glance - by default the leftmost glance on the glances screen. 

To reach these features for me, it's a swipe up from the watch face to glances, and then as many as 11 swipes (Yes, I know, I have too many glances enabled) to the left.  12 actions to reach those important controls?  Apple made these controls accessible on our iOS devices in iOS 7 and it seems odd to have buried them where they have on the Apple Watch just two years later.  They need to be easier to reach.

Ideally, this 'Control Centre' screen would be available as a swipe up as this is where we've become conditioned to expect to see these kinds of controls.  Notifications as a swipe down still makes sense - we have that familiar analogue already with the iPhone and iPad. 

Left and right swipes we've become used to as switching between apps and so this might be where glances should live instead. After a period of inactivity, reverting to the watch face 'glance' by default.

A simple change, but one that'd make the experience much better - for me, at least.

What are your thoughts?   What things would you like to change on the Apple Watch?